Handmade contemporary jewellery

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From ideas...

How they were made...... earrings

Cutting discs from

1 mm sterling silver

Soldering the 'pebbles' to the domes, followed by gold wire and ear pins

Bringing the pure silver to the surface, heating and quenching 7 times

Heating the silver until it moves and reticulates on the surface

Pickling and cleaning the silver with a brass brush and liquid soap

Shaping the discs with a doming block

Drilling preliminary holes to give the earrings a 'nautilus' look

Enlarging and shaping the holes

Making silver and gold balls to be hammered into 'pebbles'

Engraving additional 'sand ripples' onto the surface

Polishing the gold and silver 'pebbles'

Burnishing the earrings to make them glitter like the wet sea shore in the  sun

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